Peachtree / Sage 50: Remote Support

For Peachtree assistance and training consider our Remote-Support service. Support sessions are handled by Jim Vogt, an accountant and Peachtree Certified Consultant with over 20 years experience helping small business people with computer accounting.


Jim is friendly and speaks your language. He turns problems into valuable opportunities for learning. He can work with you via email, phone, remote Internet access, or some combination of these. Each method has its own advantages.

Peachtree / Sage 50 Coaching: Topics

Review of all Menus and Commands
Good for people who are new to Peachtree / Sage 50.

Recording Bank Deposits
Proper recording of bank deposits. This is important for later comparing checking accounts to bank statements. Also entry steps for cash transfers.

Backup of Company Data
Frequency of backups. Backup to removable media.

Accounts Receivable
General steps, special situations such as prepayments, over payments, and customer deposits. Also, quotes, sales orders and sales tax.

Accounts Payable
General steps and special situations such as applying an existing credit to a new purchase. Also, purchase orders.

Setting up new employees and special with holdings. Printing reports. Steps needed to enter summary information into Peachtree when an outside payroll service is used.

Setup of stock, non-stock, description only, and assembly items. Also, a general strategy for assigning inventory IDs.

Job Cost
Setup of jobs and phases. When it's a good idea to use job cost.

Custom Reports
Customize standard reports with additional columns and filtering. Setting up report groups.

Custom Financial Reports
Create a departmental income statement and income statements with various types of subtotaling.

Remote Screen sharing

Remote screen sharing is an excellent tool for training sessions and solving more complex problems. Remote Internet Access allows Jim to run your computer with you from his office - and talk with you on the phone at the same time.

As you and Jim take turns controlling your computer and discuss screen images and messages displayed, it's almost as if Jim were sitting in your office with you!

We are able to work with you this way because we use the Mikogo software system. See more about this powerful tool at the following link:

This is how a remote internet access session works:

1. At the agreed upon time Jim will call you on the phone to see if you are ready to begin your training or consulting session.

2. Jim will give you a 6 digit access code and ask you to go to the  website.

3. Once you reach the site, you will key in your access code and then click "Join Session" to start your session.

4. Now that your remote session has started, Jim can see your screen on his computer and what he types at his keyboard shows up on your screen. You can watch as he enters text, moves or clicks the mouse, and runs commands on your computer - and he can watch as you do the same - and all the while you and he will be conversing on the phone.

Note: Once your session is started, you can end it at any time, and once ended, a session can not be restarted until you enter a new access code. This gives you complete control.


In some cases we can quote you a fixed price to solve your Peachtree problem. If we are not certain how much time will be needed to solve your problem, we will give you an estimate based on our rate of $150/Hr with a minimum fee of $95. 

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