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Welcome! My name is James Vogt.
I'm here to help you get the most from your Peachtree / Sage 50® accounting software.

As an accountant and Peachtree / Sage 50 expert, I'll work to make sure you get the most from your new or existing accounting software. I'll show you the areas of your accounting to focus on - reports you can run to make sure your books are accurate, routines to verify that your data has not been damaged, methods of back up to be sure your data is always safe. I'll help you with purging data, closing the year, reconciling checking accounts, and when you are ready I'll help you with converting to a new system.

Accounting software should not only make your bookkeeping chores easier, but it should help you manage your business too. Press a key and see what your account balances are. Press another key to see what products are most profitable this season. Just a few key strokes and you can see on screen which advertising campaign is most cost effective.

To help you get the most from your computer accounting, you need someone who is three things: accounting expert, computer expert, and EDUCATOR - and these are exactly my qualifications. With my emphasis on education, you'll never have the feeling that someone came to your office, pressed a lot of keys, and then left. When I work with you at your office, you'll be part of the solution. Every problem is turned into a learning experience for you and your staff.

We will teach and guide you, then we'll help you stay on the track. As you and your co-workers begin to work more effectively, you'll be amazed to see your business become more profitable and enjoyable.

Capital Data Accounting, LLC
Capital Data - providing a full array of software support services for companies located throughout New-Hampshire and utilizing Peachtree and office automation software.
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Peachtree Newsletter
Each month we publish a short Peachtree newsletter via E-mail containing tips on Peachtree and accounting.
Peachtree Payroll
Update payroll manually or subscribe to the Peachtree Payroll Tax Update Service.
Manual Update of Tax Tables
Easy to follow step by step instructions to manually update your Peachtree tax tables.
Crystal Reports for Peachtree
If you have Crystal Reports for Peachtree we can provide you with custom reports.
Custom Reports using Crystal Reports
Our Custom reports can add great power to your Peachtree accounting.
Custom Forms Designed for Peachtree
We design custom forms for use with Peachtree Premium Accounting.
Peachtree Payroll Tax Service
Many people feel most comfortable relying upon the Peachtree Payroll Tax Service.
Crystal Reports Portfolio
See examples of Custom Crystal Reports we have written for Peachtree.
Peachtree On-Site Training
Peachtree On-Site Training,
Phone Support - Small Business Accounting
If you are stuck or just feeling unsure, send us an e-mail. Whether it is a question about Peachtree or Crystral Reports for Peachtree, we are just an e-mail away.
We can run your computer with you from our remote location to provide Peachtree lessons and consulting.
Send Remote-Support Payment
Send payment for Peachtree remote support sessions.
Peachtree Data Corruption and AUDITTR.DAT
“Error reading AUDITTR.DAT” is an example of an error message I recently witnessed. This message indicates problems with Peachtree's audit trail function.
Data Corruption and JRNLROW.DAT
This article describes our encounter with a critcal case of Peachtree data corruption and shows the steps needed to ensure a reliable bookkeeping system.
Peachtree Knowledge
See the steps needed to complete specific Peachtree functions.
Web Hosting - Learn to Maintain Your Own Site.
Increase Revenue. Use the same web hosting we use when you create you own web site.
Peachtree Support BLOG
Obtain greater value from your Peachtree software - learn new features, stay on top of the latest developments, and learn new skills.
Accounting Fun Facts
Peachtree and Quickbooks accounting fun facts.
Business Links
Other websites providing products and services for small business.
Red Bone Coon Hound
See who's really the top dog at Capitol Data.
Fall Data Conversion
If you are considering moving to a new accounting system, late fall is an excellent time to make the switch.
OWP Data Conversion to Peachtree
Data conversion from OWP to Peachtree, Sage 50, or QuickBooks is fast and easy, and can be done at any time during the year.
OWP Out of Balance Error
If you OWP out of balance is your problem, we can help.
Peachtree Accounting Software
Purchase Peachtree Accounting Software.
Nonprofit Bookkeeping – QuickBooks Vs Peachtree
QuickBooks and Peachtree both offer accounting packages intended for nonprofit bookkeeping.
Peachtree Checks Using Blank-Check-Stock
Print Peachtree checks using blank-check-stock.