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Welcome! As an accountant specializing in small business IT systems, I'm here to make sure you get the most from your new or existing accounting or CRM software... keeping your software functioning smoothly and providing you with the greatest possible benefit.

One-Write Plus, Peachtree, or QuickBooks - even if you have a version which became ineligible for factory support years ago, I am ready to be of assistance. One-Write Plus v4.5, Peachtree r2006, QuickBooks r2008 are examples of versions I can help with.

Alternatively, if you are considering leaving your older desktop software and moving to an online or cloud solution, I can help you choose the software best suited for your situation, design any necessary new forms and reports, assist in the transfer of your data to the new system, and help with employee training.

In addition, whether your system is old or new, I will support you with important tasks such as purging data, closing the year, reconciling checking accounts, troubleshooting special situations, and auditing.

To help you get the most from your computer accounting, you need someone who is three things: accounting expert, computer expert, and EDUCATOR - and these are my qualifications. With my emphasis on education, you'll be part of the solution. Every problem is turned into a learning experience for you and your staff.

We will teach and guide you, then we'll help you stay on the track. As you and your co-workers begin to work more effectively, you'll be amazed to see your business become more profitable and enjoyable. 

James Vogt, Accountant, Programmer, and Teacher

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