One-Write Plus: Out of Balance Fix

If "One-Write Plus out of balance" describes your Trial Balance, don't despair: all versions of One-Write Plus for Windows occasionally become out of balance. This applies to One-Write Plus v6, v7, v8 and One-Write Plus for Windows.

By "OWP out of balance" we mean that the Trial Balance Report does not show total debits = total credits. To see if you have this situation, use the command Reports/Financial/Trial Balance/Preview. Your Trial Balance report may be several pages long. If necessary, skip to the end of this report by clicking on the triangle icons at the bottom left of the screen.

When you have displayed the end of the Trial Balance report, you’ll see the TOTALS label next to the total debits and total credits in this report. There is no right or wrong answer for what the total debits or total credits should be, the critical thing is that the two amounts must be the same at all times. If the total debits and credits are not the same, it means that some data got lost and this situation must be corrected. Double entry bookkeeping requires that total debits = total credits.

Whenever a new transaction is recorded in OWP, there is both a debit and credit component. Suppose you are about to go to the post office to purchase stamps. You use OWP to print a check to the post office before you head out. As your check is processed and printed, OWP creates a credit to cash GL account # 1000 and a debit to Office Expense GL account # 6120.

Trouble may occur if your computer locks up or power is lost while this or any other transaction is being saved. If that occurs, there is a good chance that you’ll end up with half the transaction saved and other half not being saved. In other words, you’ll be left with only the debit or only the credit. Often times, the only way you’ll know that this has occurred is when you print the Trial Balance and see that the totals are not the same. For this reason it is nice to print the trail balance from time to time to confirm that it really is in balance.

We have prepared a special 1.5 page document that explains how to quickly and easily resolve this problem. Everything you could possibly need to know about One-Write Plus out of balance has been laid out in easy to understand, layman's language. After you receive this document, print it out and save it so that if the problem occurs again you'll be able to refer to it and quickly solve it.

Along with your printed solution we'll give you 30 days of free phone and Internet support related to this issue. If the PDF document you'll be down loading does not completely solve your OWP out of balance problem, contact us at any time during the next 30 days and we'll work with you via phone or E-mail to resolve this to your satisfaction.

This cost of this electronic document with full E-mail and phone support for 30 days is $49.00. Simply go to our main menu and choose CONTACT US / SEND PAYMENT. Payments are handled through PayPal. We never see your credit card number. When we receive your payment, we will send you an email with your documentation - generally within 24 hours. 


Jim, Thank you and I will follow your advise.  I will keep you as an emergency contact!!!!

Charlie (from TX)

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