Thanks for your help. I was panicking when I couldn't get that report to run. You’re a genius by the way. Logged in as admin, ran, report now opens and updates on both workstations. 
Gary (from SC)

Oh this is wonderful. Fantastic!
Cynthia (from VA)

"Thank you so much. We made leaps and bounds today! I'm sure I'll have more questions in the future and will call you when I do."
Rose in ME 4/18/13

"Good job on all of this – we made huge progress. Thank you."
Jack in NH 2/10/11

"I am feeling very proud of myself. This morning I balanced Nov and all but $2 in December."
Linda in NY 1/25/09

"Installing fonts fixed the issue. Thanks for help."
Gurmit 11/19/08

"Oh you're great! You're a great teacher Jim. I appreciate how you explain it - going back and forth."
Aileen in NY 11/14/08

"Hi Jim, I just wanted to let you know that after Norm renamed the file (he didn’t want to delete it) it was working fine. Thanks for your help."
Kathy 11/12/08