Peachtree Manual PR Tax Support - References

Good morning!
I have purchased your payroll setup for Peachtree on two different occasions. I'm so appreciative that you offer this information and thank you so much! Your documents are a great help, especially with the changes in W4s.
Rose (IA)

I really appreciate that you offer this service; it saves me a LOT of time!
Nancy (VA)

As always the Peachtree tax table updates are much appreciated. It means so much to me that you do this. I wanted to let you know I appreciate what you do.
Valerie (PA)

Hello James, Your method worked, thanks for your prompt assistance!
David (NY)

Thank you sooo much for helping with this today.
Melinda (TX)

Thanks for the quick response. Hope you are doing well...wishing you the best this coming year. Thanks!
Keith (UT)

I ran the data verification and it found no errors so I did as you suggested.... that worked perfectly.
Thanks so much for the quick reply and help!  I should have asked you last year!

Hi James...
We will re ordering your table updates as usual at the beginning of the year because it’s easier than digging through the publications to get the info.  Just toooo busy to be doing that.  Thanks for still being there!!!
Hank (AZ)

Hi James... Thank you for making the Peachtree Tax Table updates so much less intimidating. Your hand-holding has been worth every penny these last few years.
Thanks, Ron (CA)

Thanks for what you do. We totally depend on you and it works out fine every year!
Star (WA)

Thanks for all you do, your service is great and I appreciate it!
Annette (AZ)

I tried what you suggested and it worked. Thanks for your service. I appreciate it. And thanks for calling me back!
Keith (UT)

Hi James
Thank you so much for your help yesterday. Just using your formulas seem to be enough for the Peachtree program. Attached are my first payroll checks with the Payroll Report showing the various amounts taken by FIT, SS, Medicare & FUTA. All look good and correct. Your formulas are excellent.
Lilian (from FL)

Thanks for all your service thru years on our old Peachtree software, you have saved us a bundle.
Happy New Year and best regards,
Chuck (MI)

Thanks for your help. You are my hero!
Bud (CO)

Your worksheets are spectacular! I setup following your Volume II. Jim, you are a genius. It's perfect to the penny.
Tom (from WI)

Thanks for helping me create the Paid Family Leave Tax. I've struggled with that for over a year.
Angela (from CA)

Jim, My husband started a small construction company in the early 80's (which is now just him), I  became the bookkeeper by default, and we have been using PT since we switched from DOS to Windows. We stopped upgrading at r2012 because the user maintained tax tables were no longer supported. I'm not a programmer (or an accountant), but have a limited understanding of the formulas (and realized how easy it was to move to the next year!). I am using your e-book this year because the 2020 Pub 15-T is making updating too confusing and I'm sure there will be more changes coming. I plan to continue with your service and am SO glad you still offer it (I had run across your website a few years ago, but didn't need the support at that time).
        PT was one of only three programs available, when we started with it, that allowed user manipulation in their payroll module. Now there are none - and the cost of any payroll service has continued to increase ridiculously! Thank you again for your help.
Nancy (from Virginia)

You have saved us a lot of money over the years. I found Volume 2 easy to follow.

Thanks!  I have been using manual set up for years, thanks to you! You have saved us thousands of dollars, which is important to non-profits. I use PT 2012 complete accounting.
Star (from WA)

Hello.I was just wondering if you were going to offer the peachtree payroll tax tables for 2019. I bought last years and it worked out great. Please let me know. Thank you. Ernesto (from CA)

Jim thanks for your expert help with our tax tables.  You’ve empowered us to stay with our same version  Peachtree 2011. Johh (from CA)

Hello James, The formula seems to be working great. Thanks very much for your help!
Christina (from NC)

You are a life saver. No one thought I'd be able to do payroll! Marilyn (from TX)

It's a great service you offer. We find your instructions easy to follow. You allow a small company to continue to do payroll at a reasonable price. John (from IL)

Got it... you are an angel. Thanks for all your help the past couple of years. Judi (from GA)

Actually it was awesome instructions and I finished in less than an hour! Works perfect!
Brilliant!! Star (from WA)

If you get me through this I'll be forever grateful. I love you to death. Judy (from Mo)

Your Tax Tables worked out great again this year. W2s are sent. Thanks! (from Mo)

James, Please know that we were in fact pleased with your product. Jeff (from NY)

Just wanted to check with you since you're the expert. Thank very much for the help and logging into our system. Have a happy New Year. IRA(from MA)

That was simple. We appreciate your service. We like to put the tables in ourselves anyway.  Glen (from PA)

You've done a fine job! You are absolutely my hero for doing this. Judi (from GA)

Your service continues to be an excellent resource for us. Cynthia(from VA)

Your offering was great! Your system is too cheap versus Sage which is $900.00. Audry (from IN)

James, Thanks, we downloaded it yesterday and entered the data and will be testing it out today. I think we got it all figured out. John (from SD)

We used your tax updates for Peachtree last year and it worked out great for us and we plan to use it again this year.
Keith (from UT)

We used your tax tables last year and loved it. We want to use it this year too.
Osman (from CA)

Awesome Jim! I will work on this over the next few days and get with you if need be to schedule a session.
Daniel (from CO)

This has been a wonderful wonderful system you offer. I'll tell everyone I know about it!
Sue (from PA)

We've been a client for the last several years for your PT Tax service and have been very satisfied.
Daphne (from TX)

Thank you so much for all your help, Jim. It is comforting to know that we can turn to you with our PT issues. You are wonderful to work with and I would love to tell all Peachtree users about you and your knowledgeable assistance.
Cnythia (from Va)

Dear Mr. Vogt,
This is the second consecutive year that I have purchased your tax tables for Peachtree, and wanted to let you know that I am, once again, extremely satisfied with both the comprehensive instructions and tables, and the customer service. With your instructions the tables are so easy to quickly input and then be on the way to processing a new year's payroll.

Additionally, you having gone above and beyond this year to assist me technically with an issue that, in the end, wasn't directly related to the input of your tables, was a rare breath of fresh air with regards to technical assistance and customer service.

It was truly a pleasure and I can't thank you enough!
Tracie(from GA)

This is the third year we've gotten your ebook. I just like to know that what I put in is right.
Jenny (from ID)

I appreciate your help. Also, I appreciate that download. That was awesome! In the past I've done it manually, this was nice to have the cut and paste. I'll definitely recommend you to my Peachtree using buddies.
Keith (from UT)

Thanks for being so nice and helpful! I will definitely refer your material to friends that need it!
Sharon (from CA)

You guys are great that you support this. Thank you so much for your help.
Melinda (from CA)

I'm 74 and a half years old... thank you sir.
Barb (from IA)

You've helped me in the past, so yes, I'll go ahead and download your e-book.
Angela (from GA)

Thank you. Unfortunately, we no longer use Peachtree but I will, however, keep your name in case I ever need your manual tax set up again. It really saved me money the year I used it and it wasn't too difficult at all. Thanks again.
Melissa (from CA)

As a first time user, I have to say you have a pretty good setup going there. I want to give you some kudos on that. Thank you for putting out the work that you do.
Osman (from CA)

Just wanted to let you know that we sold our store a couple months ago. I also wanted to thank you for providing an affordable option to maintaining the tax tables. It was a big help to us in our efforts to keep costs down. I won’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone who may be looking for a similar service.
Thanks again,
Julie (from NH)

Please let me know when you have the 2012 manual update payroll tax tables available so that i may order them.
Ryan (from NY)

I bought your service last year for the first time and was extremely pleased.
Laura (from KY)

Jim, Thanks for your time today. I believe I have got it all worked out and ran a test with the Indiana employee which seemed to work fine. I'll look forward to hearing from you on the 2012 tax tables later in the year.
Chuck (from MI)

James, you are a life saver, I appreciate being on your list serve. Your information was and is very valuable.

thank you Mr. Vogt. We are very pleased with the tax formula set up and look forward to this for next year as well. Lora (from KY)

Thanks I used to be able to do this myself but Peachtree made that more difficult a few years back. I used your instructions and found it to be simple and it appears to work great! ... Juliet (from MD)

Hi James, Once again thank you for the help. I am so glad I purchased your tax table manual this year it works great. Being a small business with 4 employee's I was very skeptical, but I just followed the steps and it was a breeze. Highly recommend it to Peachtree users. I really appreciate the fast service. I am sure I will purchase it next year. Paula (from PA)

Thanks. I love this so far! Sandra (from MI)

Thanks James...that's what I needed. Kevin (from MO)

Thanks Jim, worked out Great! David (from NH)

Jim, I just wanted to say what a wonderful experience it was working with your company. After several years of frustration with the tax tables. I had given in & tried desperately to pay the $700+ every 3 years to keep up with Peachtree. Plus the $275 in the off years for payroll tax service.

This year, the funds just aren't there to spend almost $1,000 for all their newest stuff. For months I have been dreading the chore of once again trying to create and use the tables.

After some attempts to create 2011 tables, I searched online & found your site. What a lifesaver that was. Your timely phone call to correct the few errors made it all done & running & reporting smoothly with no headaches at all.

Thank you for offering such a much needed and cost effective solution for Peachtree user's. Valerie (From PA)

Thank you. I purchased this update last year and it was wonderful. the company I do bookkeeping for will be going out of business very soon and I don't want to spend the money to update the software. (From TN)

We are in NC. The formulas are in and it is going well. We appreciate it.
Thank you, Jane

We have 20 employees and are in NY state. This is a big help.
Thanks, Charles.

We needed to run payroll today. I've got your e-book downloaded, now it's all installed and working great.
Thank you, Dave.

Wow Jim......this is super-duper!!! You really know how to explain things so people can understand easily. That's a gift. Page 10, with the red text, IS exciting! Tini

Thank you. Now I have something to do New Years Day. Scot

Thank you, Mr. Vogt, for your reply. I'm worried that I won't be able to print payroll checks this weekend because the Peachtree system's tax updates have not been purchased (current updates good through 11/30/09.)

I don't want to purchase them if you can help me update them at a lesser price. Thank you, Melissa

Thank you!! I was just beginning to work on why my federal taxes were calculating wrong…this took care of it. Pam

I appreciate your service. For a small company (Colorado company with 3 part time employees) the annual tax service is quite expensive. Nancy

It has been very frustrating trying to manually fill them in. It is like they purposely fixed it for you to fail. I was relieved to find your website. I am looking forward to reciving your information. Thank you. Martha

By the way, the tax tables are working great. Thanks again. Rick

I am very glad you stand by to help me.... Pheng

I'm a CPA and Tax Attorney. Your's is a wonderful thing. Thank goodness Bill found your services! You're a life saver James! Marcia

Your stuff works great. We're so happy! Dafney

Your excellent service is appreciated. Carl

Thanks so much for the service you provide. You've saved us some serious money. We're a small corner grocery store and every dollar counts! Your instructions were very easy to follow. I just had one question and I appreciated your quick call back. Doug

After completing Peachtree W-2's I printed them using the 2007 W-2 format provided in my version of Peachtree. Then I went to the IRS website for e-filing W-2's and keyed in the information for all 12 employees and I was done. It was sweet - no need to buy any forms or mail anything. Bonnie

Message: I purchased and downloaded your guide to Peachtree 2009 Manual Tax Table set up. I find it very helpful and clear. Charles

Thanks for your help! We were using One-Write Plus, but our hard drive died and now we are just getting started with the Peachtree 2005 we bought a few years ago. We were not able to buy the tax tables for this version of Peachtree, and I had just about resigned myself to doing the paychecks manually... Rebecca

Jim,I appreciated the call today. I purchased your tax table update this afternoon and also investigated the Staples tax forms. I am going to stop by there tonight to pick that stuff up. Have a great Holiday Season with your family! Chuck

James, Thanks so much for the wonderful information you supplied for manually updating the Peachtree tables for my business. I only have one client that has only 4 employees who may be going out of business this year and spending the $270 on those tax tables seemed silly. I appreciate what you have done and allowed me not only save money but update these tables very easy! The information is very easy to understand and it was a very quick process.

Thanks again from someone who was very skeptical at first! You won me over!

THANKS AGAIN! O. - Nashville, TN

Everything worked like champ (i.e., payroll) and I'm greatful. Maryland, USA 1-19-09 Richard

Dear Capitol Data Accounting:
Thanks for helping us out of a jam! Our version of Peachtree (2006) is not "supported" anymore and I've been getting daily phone calls, emails and snail mail from Sage trying to get me to update to Peachtree 2009. I knew we would be "in trouble" with the new year and P/R taxes, but I also knew we could update the tax tables manually. I've just been too lazy to do it before and have opted to pay Peachtree for the P/R tax updates service.
Your information helped me update our P/R Tax Tables in about 20 minutes! Thanks, again!Larry Rockford, IL

Thank you very much for the updated version of the manual. I have come to the conclusion that Peachtree makes the process of updating the payroll tables as difficult as possible to encourage people to purchase the update service. Your manual, even the one for 2007, made the process much easier.
I located the manual I uploaded using Google with the search terms "peachtree payroll tax tables" which brought up a link to
Thank you again, Bob Gilson

I couldn't do a paycheck for 2009. Your system was very easy. Yes, this works out very easy. Thanks for all the information making it quick and easy. Melisa, Maine, USA

Your system works great. I've never done it myself before, but this is fine. Tim

Dear Jim, Thanks so much for your help. Since I had surgery Tuesday, I'm on the run already with my business. I truly appreciate your assistance by telling me what I needed to do. Should I have any additional questions, I will contact you. Calvin

I'm greatful for finding your site for your product purchase. It's a hardtimes for small biz and every little bit helps to save costs!
Sincerely, Richard
State of Maryland

I purchased the Peachtree tax update service from Peachtree again for 2009, as I have for the last 15 years (about $400 this year with CD delivery method). I installed it on one of my computers.

I followed the instructions in the pdf. file you provided me to utilize the user maintained payroll tables of Peachtree. I cut and pasted the formulas as you instructed. I did this to my same company, on another computer.

It enabled me to test and cross check the correctness of the formulas you provided me with the actual Peachtree payroll tax update configuration.

I ran test payroll checks form a random selection of 10 employees on both computers.

NOT ONE PENNY DIFERENCE in the deductions in each separate category exist among all 10 employee test checks.
S/S-EE; MED.-EE; FED-EE; VA. STATE-EE; S/S-ER; MED.-ER; FUTA-ER; all to the penny....

You should me how to do it in 15 minutes. Peachtree never would in my past 15 years. I'll never have to pay them $400 a year again.

I am amazed they have not yet offered you a mil or two to just stop making Peachtree easy for us to understand.

Thank you, and Happy New Year.... George

Jim, I have purchased your tax table updates for the last few years and will most likely be purchasing them again for 2009.

You are awsome! We really really appreciate your help!
Kathy 10-28-08

Your manual tax setup information helps a lot. I didn't have a clue. You saved us $700.00 over buying the upgrade this year and we're a small company.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. All done, tested, and all fine. I just have 3 part time employees and I was determined to do my own tax tables. I spent the past 2 days working on it, then I found your site. I feel like you are my new best friend. Donna

Thanks for your calls back to me. I'm impressed. I've bought e-books before, but never had such an easy time reaching support.
Chris 1-24-08

The RI Income tax formula is:
Notice the last word is "NUMBER" not "EXTRA" ( from Peachtree Help)
The tax formulas worked OK on our test data thanks to you.
Harvey 1/22/08

I was browsing the web site today looking to buy the 2008 tax tables. Do you offer a discount for return customers just updating this year’s data? Do you have instructions on what needs changed from last year to this year?
Thank you very much. I do appreciate the great customer service you provided last year and I will continue to recommend you to my customers that have peachtree.
Nate - 1/21/08

Thank you so much for such a great product. I run a small business with less than five employees. Every year Peachtree holds me hostage for the exorbitant annual payroll data fees. This year they also were forcing me to upgrade for another $250. You saved me $450!! The product was simple to use. I had it set up and payroll checks cut in about twenty minutes.
Thanks again, Carol - 1/14/08

Dear Jim, Thanks for the updates. I am VERY thankful for your formulas and that I found them on the internet. We are just a small business, and I do not need all the "extras" coming with the expensive tax packages. I was on the internet researching how to write the formulas myself when I found your site. Thank your for you fast, HONEST service. I feel like I really got my money's worth.
Very Truly Yours, Heather - 1/14/08

Thanks for your help. I truly appreciate your service, as I am not up to CPA standard.
Beth Ann - 1/7/08

I did download your 2008 tax document and had no trouble at all - thanks for offering a less expensive solution there.

Tom - We have Peachtree 2005 and would have had to spend $1,100.00 to upgrade our Peachtree to be able to get the Peachtree Payroll Tax Update Service. We're glad we found your offer so we can stay with Peachtree 2005 a while longer.

Phillip: Thanks James! Keep up the good work, you’re service saves us quite a bit of money in un-necessary upgrades.

It all worked very well. I'm pleased with the materials you sent me. Now I can keep using my Peachtree 2004 for a few more years.
Fred - 10/30/07

You seem much more knowledgeable than people who I've contacted locally.
John - 10/30/07

When will you be sending out the 2008 update? By the way, last year's instructions were great and the whole process went very smoothly. Thanks

"Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I'm a self-employed draftsman that can't afford to spend 250.00 per year on a tax-subscription. For six months I've been biting my nails trying to figure out exactly how to whip up my own tax tables for Peachtree Accounting 2004, then I stumbled across your website. 45 dollars and 40 minutes later I was writing myself paychecks! Problem solved! Your "45 Dollar Tax Tables" product was EXACTLY what I needed and will enable me to get infinite more years out of my accounting software! Thanks again."
Jeff - 9/17/07

"I'll just tell you that the info you provided was very clear and easy to work with.  I had some questions in the beginning but I worked them through and right now everything is just going very well. A pat on the back for a job well done.
Mark - 7/31/07