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Custom reports for Peachtree / Sage 50 can be written using Crystal Reports. These are some of the custom Peachtree reports we have created using Crystal Reports.

Click Here: Materials Requirements Planning Report
This MRP report shows the parts which will be needed to fill customer orders during the months ahead. Sales Orders are created as customer purchase requests are received.

Assemblies being sold are place on the sales order and each sales order has a Ship By date. This report shows what components will be needed to fill sales orders shipping during the specified report date range.

Multiple Warehouse Report
Some Peachtree users are looking for the ability to track inventory that is located in multiple warehouses. This can be done using Crystal Reports. Suppose you want to have 3 warehouses for each item. Setup up each item 3 times in inventory. For example SMOKEALARM01, SMOKEALARM02, and SMOKEALARM03. Now you can buy and sell smoke alarms into and out of each of the warehouses. This is easily accomplished by referencing the appropriate inventory ID for each transaction. If you bought 12 smoke alarms for warehouse #3, reference SMOKEALARM03 on the purchase screen. If you bought 12 smoke alarms for warehouse #2, reference SMOKEALARM02 on the purchase screen.

When inventory is moved between warehouses, use the Peachtree command Tasks/Inventory Adjustments. Suppose you've moved 8 smoke alarms from warehouse #1 to warehouse #3. Record this in Peachtree by reducing the quantity on hand of SMOKEALARM01 and increasing the quantity on hand of SMOKEALARM03.

Now the only trick is reporting the 3 different warehouse quantities of smoke alarms as one grand total for the overall quantity of smoke alarms. This is where Crystal Reports comes in. This is a custom report that Crystal can easily handle.

Click Here: PreQuote Costing Report
This report shows the costs of Quotes which use assemblies. This allows management to know profitability and parts which will be needed before Quotes are approved.

Click Here: Inventory Analysis by Quantity
This report shows 12 months activity for inventory items summarized monthly by Beginning Balance Qty, Qty Received, Qty Sold, and Qty Adjusted.

Click Here: Customer List by Rep with Year to Date Sales
Finds the total sales for each customer and prints that total for the Sales Rep specified on the Customer Card. The amounts printed are the same as the amounts shown as Sales on the History tab on the customer card.

To include all Reps, print from 000 to zzz. Customer cards with no sales rep specified are not included in the report. Notice that the name of the report file is included at the bottom of the report as part of the page footer.

Click Here: GL Detail with Running Totals
Simplified General Ledger Report prints for any account specified for a range of dates. Start and end dates are flexible and do not have to be period end dates.

Click Here: Export Customer Balances to Oracle
The purpose of this report is to prepare data for export to a larger Oracle accounting system. The report prints customers whose TYPE = "D". Customer Custom Field 2 is used for the Oracle GL Account.

Click Here: Inventory Shortage Report
Shows inventory shortages and replenish costs. Qty Sold YTD is as of the date specified.

Click Here: Sales Order Including Vendor ID and Item Costs
This is a Sales Order that has been modified for internal use. Included as additional columns on the sales order are the ID of the vendor from whom the item is generally purchased and the cost of the item being sold.

Click Here: Quantities Sold to Customers
Shows 12 months of Quantity Sold data for inventory items - summarized monthly. Prints for customers specified. Data for each customer starts on a new page. The period covered by the report is for the 12 months up through the end date specified. This report can then be sent to customers who can use the information to place their next order.

Click Here: Commission - Paid Sales
Click Here: Commission - Unpaid Sales
Click Here: Commission - YTD Unpaid Sales
Click Here: Customer Balances
Click Here: Customer List
Click Here: Open Purchase Order Amounts

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