Training References

Review the training references below. See what others have had to say about Peachtree accounting training by Jim Vogt and Capitol Data.

12-3-12 Jim, You’re still doing this support/teaching! Great to see your name again…. Seeing your name put a smile on my face. Especially after hours on phone w/ P.Tree w/ no results! Have not been down your way for years. I will need your services as I just upgraded my computer a couple of weeks ago... Christine (from NH)

Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the time you spent with me last week.

The invoices were delivered this morning and I think they were very professional looking...

Sincerely, Ron

I sincerely thank you for that assistance - I could never done it without you. And I know the library will be eternally grateful.


I am writing to you to thank you for the help that you provided to our business over the past two years. ... when you came to us our financial records were in a serious state of disorganization and our accounting software was outdated.

Your expertise and finely honed problem solving skills, combined with your patience and willingness to see the project through, brought us from despair to joy. I now am able to use Peachtree Accounting software to manage our business in a efficient manner and I am now a pro! When you first came to us after our bookkeeper had left, I was not very confident about taking over that position in my family business. Now, I can't wait for our bank statements to come because not only am I good at what I do, but I can also interpret our financial statements and make better business decisions for our business. You have made me love accounting!

I would recommend Capitol Data, LLC to any business, small or large. I would also happily give an excellent reference to any future clients or business prospects, both personally and professionally. You are a great teacher and a wonderful person, and for that I am so thankful.

This letter was long overdue, but I am glad to finally express the gratitude that my family has for your services. It was a pleasure to meet and work with you!

With warm regards, Casey