One-Write Plus:
Steps Following Your Data Conversion

After you have received your converted Peachtree or QuickBooks data from us, you will want to compare your new Peachtree or QB Reports to the same reports from One-Write Plus. This will allow you to confirm that the data conversion was successful. Save the before and after reports in a special folder labeled DATA CONVERSION.

Once you have printed reports confirming the results of the data conversion, you can begin entering transactions into your new accounting system. There is no need to re-key data that was already entered into OWP. Convert OWP in the morning and start using Peachtree or QuickBooks in the afternoon. You can pick up in Peachtree or QuickBooks right where you left off in One-Write Plus. 

Summary of Transactions

During your conversion, period summary data is created to represent ALL of your One-Write Plus transactions. For example, if the conversion of OWP data is done on 8-31-15, then when Peachtree or QuickBooks bookkeeping is begun, SUMMARY ACTIVITY will already exist for January through August of 2015. The period summary amounts for the prior year's periods will be included as well.

For the month of August 2015 in the above example, your new Peachtree or QB will contain summary data from OWP. For each of the following months, your new accounting system will contain full detail.

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