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"You’ve empowered us to stay with our same version  Peachtree 2011.  We would be glad to pay for your help again if you can help us keep going with this version.  We have only one to two employees but would like to continue with payroll if we can.  Trying to start the program the opening screen flashes on for a second and then disappears.  The program uninstalls and re-installs from the original discs ok but still won’t run.  Even after uninstalling, the auto-run installation remembers my serial # but doesn’t ask for customer or reg numbers.  If we buy another version, older or newer, I wonder which you would recommend in order to keep the user modifiable tax tables.   Sincerely John"

Hi John,
Thanks for your note. There is no reason why Peachtree 2011 should stop working. Here are a few ideas:

- When did this start happening? Perhaps a program was installed which is conflicting with Peachtree. You could open your control panel and uninstall all recently installed programs.
- Depending on the age of your computer you might want to replace it or have it serviced. For example, reformatting your hard drive, though a big chore would most certainly solve the problem.
- If you'd like I can do a remote screen sharing session with you to help troubleshoot the problem.

It's not guaranteed, but it's possible a newer version of Peachtree would run better on your computer. You can likely find Peachtree 2012 on Amazon. This is the latest version of Peachtree which allows user modifiable tax tables.


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