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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How did you get started with your work of helping people setup their own Peachtree tax formulas?

A: We started our work with tax formulas in the 1990's when we would visit our client's offices at the end of each year and assist them in setting up the formulas needed to calculate paychecks for the coming year. With the advent of the internet we started our online support of tax formulas.

Currently we are the world leader in manual tax table setup for Peachtree and sell our eBook with payroll setup support to approximately 100 clients / year.  Our clients are from every state in the United States plus Puerto Rico.

Q: Does your eBook provide as much as what we could get with the purchase of the Sage payroll plan for Peachtree?

A: No, our manual setup system does not give you as much as the Sage payroll support plan. With our system, special payroll reports such as 941 can only be displayed on screen and must be hand copied onto your IRS form. The same issue occurs with W2's. They are shown on screen, but can't be printed. As a work around, we show you how to obtain inexpensive software which will print the W2's for you, though the data must be manually entered.

Q: Do you provide exact information for calculating federal payroll tax withholding?

A: Yes. The documentation we provide shows exactly how to enter federal taxes and even allows you to copy and paste this information.

Q: Do you provide exact information on the formula for SUI (state unemployment insurance)?

A: Yes, we show exactly how to create the state SUI tax formula.

Q: What about state and local income tax, do you provide exact information on those formulas?

A: For state and local income taxes, we show how to create simplified formulas. We do this because for a company with just a few employees, a simplified formula is often adequate.

The simplified SIT formula we suggest consists of withholding a fixed amount, a fixed % of gross, or in some cases a fixed % of FIT. Most people we work with find that a simplified formula like this works just fine. If you feel a simplified formula could work for your SIT, then we'll show you how to create the formula you need.

If your SIT is quite complex or you don't want to use a simplified formula, then we will show you how to use your Peachtree state income tax formula from prior years and move it forward into the new year. Alternatively, if you prefer, we will work with you as you start from scratch and create your state's exact formula.

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