Peachtree 2008

Years later, many people are still using Peachtree 2008 which was released by Sage Software in mid-2007.  This accounting software worked great with Windows XP, but be careful if you are using a more modern operating system - you're bound to run into glitches. If you're determined to keep using Peachtree 2008, you might want to use VMware to setup an XP partition in your Windows 7 or 8 computer.

Release 2008 was Peachtree's second year using the Pervasive Database. Peachtree versions 2006 and earlier were written in the Betrieve database. The new Pervasive is faster when large data files are being used and is less prone to data corruption. Pervasive Software, Inc owns Btrieve and the Pervasive database program is an upgrade to the older Btrieve product.

Some of the major advantages of Peachtree 2008 over the older 2007 were the following:

  • Improved report options such as better filtering.
  • Improved drill-down capability in reports.
  • Easier forms design.
  • Ability to add external files as attachments to customer, vendor, and employee records.
  • Broadcast invoice feature which allows one invoice to be sent to many customers.
  • Improved payroll Direct Deposit capability.

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