Support Included With Your
Payroll  Tax eBook

The majority of people who purchase our Peachtree Tax Formula Setup E-document are able to proceed and complete their new Peachtree formulas on their own.

However, if you are having difficulty, we will assist you by phone and remote screen sharing as you enter, test, and troubleshoot your formulas.

Scope and Limitations

  1. Your one-on-one support option will continue for the rest of the tax year for which you made your purchase.

  2. The one-on-one support which we provide is limited to one company only. If you own multiple businesses which require our one-on-one support, then multiple copies of our e-document should be purchased.

  3. Our e-document shows you how to enter tax formulas  necessary to create your employee paychecks during the new year. However, we can not be responsible for the setup and operation of your entire payroll system.

    For example, suppose you forgot to create state income tax withholding for your employees and you did not discover this problem until three months later. We could help you straighten out your payroll, but would need to charge for this work.

  4. Free email updates and notifications. If we become aware of changes in Federal tax laws or any other issue which could effect the paychecks you are writing, we will send you a special notification outlining what action, if any, you should take.

  5. Discounts on future eBooks. Existing subscribers will be able to order for the upcoming year at a discount.

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