Peachtree: Print Checks Using
Blank Check Stock

Why print on blank-check-stock? Think about it... do you really want to have boxes of preprinted checks lying around? What if you lose a check? What if someone takes a blank preprinted check from the bottom of your stack. It could be months before you know it is missing.

Here's a solution. Instead of buying preprinted checks, why not buy blank check stock? With blank check stock your office security is enhanced since there are no checks for someone to steal. Instead, the entire check, including special bank bar coding, is produced directly by Peachtree.

To accomplish this, in addition to Peachtree, you'll need a laser printer and special font software designed for this purpose.

Your Peachtree software can be setup so that when you pay bills or run payroll, all necessary information including special bank codes is automatically printed on each check. When you want to do a check run, just load the blank check stock and Peachtree takes care of everything.

Here is a source of the special font software needed for Peachtree to print directly onto blank check stock: These fonts are installed into your Windows software. Now when designing your check in Peachtree, you can specify this font for printing on your check.

It's best to use magnetic toner in your laser printer when printing checks on blank paper. Here's a link to where you can purchase this type of toner:

Once you have your new font software and laser toner, you'll need to find the specific check form you are using to print checks in Peachtree, then modify your check form to include special bank symbols. You'll add these symbols using the fonts from the Elfring web site mentioned above.

Order Preprinted Checks For Any Accounting Software

If you're not ready to print your checks on blank check stock, see our recommendations for preprinted checks.

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