Data Conversion:
OWP to Peachtree, Sage 50, or QuickBooks

Fortunately for One-Write Plus users, Peachtree Accounting can perform an OWP data conversion – and now that One-Write Plus has been discontinued, this ability of Peachtree to utilize OWP data is more important than ever. Your One-Write-Plus bookkeeping will be quickly and easily changed to a format compatible with Peachtree. The new data converter is faster and more reliable than the conversion that was available a few years ago.

With the conversion utility you can convert One-Write Plus almost anytime. For example, on March 9th, you could select the Peachtree CONVERT command. This would automatically convert your OWP data – allowing you to pick up in Peachtree where you left off in One-Write Plus. You are able to convert mid-month, or any other time during the year.

After the data conversion to Peachtree is completed, it is important to compare your new Peachtree Reports to the same reports from One-Write Plus. You'll need to prove that the data conversion was successful. Save the before and after reports in a special folder labeled DATA CONVERSION. Once you have printed reports showing that the data conversion was successful, you can begin entering new Peachtree transactions. There is no need to re-key data that was already entered into OWP. Convert OWP in the morning and start using Peachtree in the afternoon.

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Peachtree creates period summary data to represent ALL of the existing One-Write Plus transactions. For example, if the conversion of OWP data is done on 3-9-05, then when Peachtree bookkeeping is begun, PERIOD SUMMARY ACTIVITY will already exist in Peachtree for January, February, and March of 2005. The period summary amounts for the prior year's periods will be included as well.

For March 2005 in the above example, Peachtree will contain the summary data from OWP - representing bookkeeping done in the early part of the month. For the later part of march and all the following months, Peachtree will contain full detail.

Later, if you want to examine detail for the months of January, February, and early March you will need refer to One-Write Plus. Look either at a General Ledger Report printed in OWP at the time of conversion, or open the OWP program and run it along side Peachtree. Use the OWP program to examine details of the year before March 9th – use Peachtree to examine detail from March 10th through the end of the year.

Even though you'll be referring back to One-Write Plus for details of what occurred early in the year, because you've run the OWP to Peachtree data conversion utility, you'll be able to use Peachtree to print complete and accurate financial reports for any time period during the year and for the year as a whole.


Dear Friend,

Although Peachtree no longer contains the utilities to convert data from One-Write Plus, this is not a problem, we will take care of everything for you. We will run the Peachtree conversion from OWP v6, v7, or v8 to Peachtree 2006, then we will run the conversion from Peachtree r2006 to Peachtree r2012, Sage 50 r2013, or whatever version you are using.

The cost for us to do this is $175.00 and includes any assistance that may be needed with sending your data to us via a secure website or CD as well as any assistance that may be needed in setting up and accessing your company in Peachtree. The turn around time for this conversion is 24 hours.

Please use the link below to pay with any major credit card. We look forward to helping with this project!


Jim Vogt, Accountant and Peachtree Certified Consultant

Note 1: If you have the earlier OWP v4.5, please contact us. In most cases we we can help you convert from this as well.

Note 2: We can also convert your data to QuickBooks Professional.

Note: Simply fill out the form below if you an additional questions on converting your One-Write Plus data to Peachtree or QuickBooks.

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