Our Updated ebook for Tax Year2016... 
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We provide much more than the minimum information you'll need - our e-document includes screen images of tax tables and formulas from Peachtree and very clearly lists the steps required to manually setup all your federal payroll taxes.

We update our documentation each year, so the latest values for federal taxes are always shown. Because this is an electronic document, you'll be able to copy federal tax formulas directly from our file and paste this information directly into your Peachtree program. You'll need to do only minimal keying of text.

Click the payment below to reorder our E-documentation of Peachtree tax amounts and formulas for the new year at 15% off the regular price. These formulas come with full documentation for easy updating of your Peachtree for all versions up through r2012. Also included is 90 days of free phone support with remote screen sharing.

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